Rigid and Rigid-Flex modelling

Accurately model any number of rigid and flex zones, you can model any build no matter how complex. Accurately model impedance on any section of the build.

Accurate and Configurable

Materials are configured to your thicknesses and specifications, making press thicknesses and impedance very accurate. All aspects of the system are configurable to your needs.

Impedance Calculations

Impedance is calculated using Apsim Rlgc for the most accurate predictions. Includes the ability to model structures with crosshatch reference planes.

Easy to use interface

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, allowing users master the software without a long learning curve.

Customizable Reports

Reports are fully customizable allowing you to use your companies logo and display in the format of your choice. Multiple reports can be confirured allowing everyone to have the output they need. Reports can be printed to save directly to Pdf.


Built-in panelization layout tool. Layout panels with individual boards or arrays, add coupons, rails, etc. Arrays can be layed-out by fixed array size or by a matrix of boards. Full dimensions can be added to the array.