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An advanced software solution that will reduce cycle time and material costs, while increasing accuracy and consistency in builds.

Rigid and Rigid-Flex versions available • Network and standalone versions
Preloaded with majority of standard industry material sets

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Fully Automated Stack Up Generation Tool

Arkeo Stack is a fully automated Rigid and Rigid-Flex stack up generation tool that quickly builds accurate and cost conscious stackups. Arkeo Stack is integrated with Apsim rlgc for accurate impedance modeling.

Easy to Use, Intuitive Interface

With an easy to use and intuitive interface, Arkeo Stack allows users of all skill levels to accurately model even the most complex builds.

Configurable Detailed Custom Reports

Arkeo Stack has a custom report generator that builds reports to suit the specific needs of your company. Allowing you to have a custom report specific to each of your needs.

Arkeo is a web based ERP system designed for Printed Circuit Board manufacturers to create quotes, track orders and manage all of the companies activities. Arkeo puts your information in one spot making it easy to find and eliminates spreadsheets spread all over your network.

For more information visit the Arkeo website